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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Win a FREE NLT Mosaic Bible!!!

Exciting day! For the first time on this blog, I get to give away something! Today is the release date of the New Living Translation Bible: Mosaic Edition. You can preview or buy your own copy over at

Stay tuned for a review of Mosaic in the very near future, as well as a guest post from one of the contributors!

And now for the giveaway instructions: simply post a comment (or e-mail it to me, I must be able to contact you if you win) on why you think you should win the copy of Mosaic.

Also, double your chances of winning and head over to the Christians in Context blog where I am a contributor as well and make a submission on that blog's giveaway in the next couple of days.


John Daly said...

I'd like to win a Mosaic NLT Bible because my current NLT copy is in tatters. And a Bible that is worn out usually belongs to a person that isn't! At least Abe Lincoln is purported to have said.

BD said...

It would be great if I could get a free Mosaic NLT as I am a bi-vocational church planter with a tight budget. I've been interested in it for a while because of the emphasis on the breadth of Christianity, globally and historically in its notes. I think that the emphasis as such is a key part of presenting scripture to people who have no reason to trust scripture and I believe it would be a great tool for me in that regard.

Melinda Lancaster said...

I am very interested in the new Mosaic NLT Bible. I don't have this version and am intrigued by how they have incorporated readings using the lectionary and Christian calendar. Love the idea!

Mark said...

I'd like to win the Bible because I love the NLT, and the added features of the Mosiac Bible intrigue me.

jntskip said...

Shall I say "pretty please"?

Scripture Zealot said...

I'm lacking in knowledge of church history and I think this would help me get going in the right direction and give me a good overview through the quotes and liturgical material.

I also would really like a hardcover NLT reference Bible.

Donna said...

I would love it.

Lowell said...

I'd like the Mosaic Bible to use for family Bible reading as it would help connect us with the Church throughout history. I really like the idea of using readings from christians down through history. The use of artwork beyond the "Sunday School" style pictures also helps make a deeper connection with the text.