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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stem-Cell Research and Its Slippery Slope

Earlier this week, President Obama lifted the ban on federal funding of stem-cell research using destroyed human embryos. Already science has its eyes on a longer leash. Oxford University stem cell expert Professor Sir Richard Gardner has proposed that destroyed human fetuses from abortions be used for organ transplants, stating that "if they are going to be terminated, it is a shame to waste their organs". An article from Slate online draws out the connection like this:

Two arguments have persuaded the United States to fund stem-cell research using destroyed embryos. One is that the research will save lives. The other is that the embryos, left over from fertility treatments, will otherwise be wasted. Both arguments are now being applied to fetuses.

We now are seeing a very real supply-and-demand scenario surrounding abortions. Five years ago, this sort of scenario was being called a "slippery slope" argument, an argument that was far-fetched and ridiculous and did not necessarily follow from stem-cell research and the abortion industry in our country. And yet here we are today, staring this horror in the face.

If these fetuses are unwanted and will be wasted anyway, why not use them for scientific research and humanistic purposes? If these are sub-human beings anyway, what is keeping us from using them any way we want to make us healthier and happier and furthering the human race? Are you hearing what I'm saying? Are you making the connection? We have an American holocaust on our hands. We are no longer killing them just because they're unwanted. We are killing them because science can use them for our benefit. God save us.


W. Mark Felt said...

I'm not a proponent of either side of this debate. But, if I step into the shoes of say Micheal J. Fox who was stricken with the debilitating Parkinson's Disease. Or the countless quadriplegics who's only hope may lye in the research done on those stem cells. I can kind of see "why" some may want to go ahead and allow this type of research. Conversely, you're right it is a slippery slope that we're on. But not because of the stem cell research (that's an effect) but because of the legalization of abortion in the first place. I think that the rise of all "unthinkable" crimes within our society can be directly linked to the legalization of abortion and thus the desensitization of humanity at large. But this Pandora's box HAS been opened and if there is "ANY" good that can come out of this carnage or holocaust as you called it. Well then maybe they should allow the research to move forward. That's my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Dear W. Mark Felt,
I have understood that we have other ways to get stem cells besides the fetus. Have you heard of such?
Sincerely, Scarlette

Jared said...

Good point, Scarlette. As a matter of fact, Mark, on Oprah's show Dr. Oz declared that in his estimation the "stem cell debate is dead". He said we've made ten years advancement on adult stem cell research, and they are now more viable than embryonic stem cells.

To add irony to this whole thing, he said it with Michael J. Fox sitting right beside him.

Enjoy below!