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Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Book List

52 books in a year. That's part of my one-year personal growth plan. This year, however, I am trying to focus my reading more on areas that will have a direct impact on my ministry at Redeemer Church. I figured since I have to keep track of them anyway, I'd post them here in case anyone wants to make any suggestions to my reading or ask about any of the books on the list.

Also, as I did last year, I will continually update the list but I won't move it to the top of the blog, so if you're interested, you'll have to search it out! The list will be in ascending order of my favorites!
  1. King's Cross - Tim Keller
  2. A Meal With Jesus - Tim Chester
  3. The God Who Is There - D.A. Carson
  4. Closing the Window - Tim Chester
  5. Smooth Stones - Joe Coffey
  6. Dug Down Deep - Joshua Harris
  7. Is God a Moral Monster? - Paul Copan
  8. Church Planter - Darrin Patrick
  9. Hipster Christianity - Brett McCracken
  10. Reverberation - Jonathan Leeman
  11. Don't Call It a Comeback - Kevin DeYoung (ed.)
  12. The Christian Faith - Michael Horton
  13. Science, Creation, and the Bible - Carlson and Longman
  14. If God, Why Evil? - Norman L. Geisler
  15. If God Is Good... - Randy Alcorn
  16. The Deep Things of God - Fred Sanders
  17. What's So Great About Christianity - Dinesh D'Souza
  18. The Forgotten God - Francis Chan
  19. Cruciform - Jimmy Davis
  20. To Transform a City - Eric Swanson
  21. Jesus in the Present Tense - Warren Wiersbe
  22. Love Wins - Rob Bell

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