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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Top 5 Books of My Life So Far

As you may have noticed, I've suffered from a combination of a lack of time due to the holidays and a simple case of writer's block. So I approach this Top 5 list well aware that it may be the least interesting thing I've posted to date. However, if it inspires one person to read a book that has been so pivotal to me in my life, I will consider it worthwhile. Additionally, I am always looking for new reading material, so if my list suggests I would like something you would like to recommend, drop me a line.

  1. Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis) - This book tops my list (as it does many lists of this sort), not because all of the theology was so pivotal, but because it made me hungry to read and study about God. Prior to this book, my reading time was largely consumed by The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (each of which got multiple readings). However, the wisdom, wit, and accessibility with which C.S. Lewis approached the logic and practicality of Christianity started a passion in me for all things theology, philosophy, and apologetics.

  2. Desiring God (John Piper) - In contrast to the previous book, this book more than any other has been pivotal to my theology. The supremacy of God's glory, holiness, and sovereignty were made clear (and precious) to me. With a slow pace that worked out the finer points in every facet of life, John Piper showed how God's ultimate glory and our ultimate happiness are satisfied in the same way.

  3. Disappointment With God (Philip Yancey) - I must admit, it was hard to pick just one Philip Yancey book. Other close contenders include What's So Amazing About Grace? and The Jesus I Never Knew, but this book in particular answered some poignant questions for me and is a constant resource now for answering others. With honesty and transparancy, Yancey deals with our doubts and shortcomings about a God that doesn't always interact with us the way we want (but always the way we need).

  4. Wild At Heart (John Eldredge) - This book possibly has more hilighting ink in it than any of the others in my collection. While not heavy in theology, this book lit a strong fire in me to be a man (and husband) of God. Drawing on iconic imagery from childhood, Eldredge shows how the adventures and battles that we act out as kids are set in our hearts from God. A beautifully written book that made me want to get out and be a man.

  5. Your God Is Too Safe (Mark Buchanan) - Perhaps the least well-known of the five titles, this book may contend with Wild At Heart for the title of "most hilighted". With incredible insights throughout, Mark talks passionately about how to move away from a comfortable life believing in a safe god who is little more than fire insurance.

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